Time (46%)
do to
enjoy a
find to
guess what
have more
never understand
not be restored
not deliver
not have a
not miss any
only smile
qualify in
question those
see both
see how
see the
see the
see we
still feel
stop herself
suggest an
take no
go and
start by
you also credit
you perhaps tie
all be in
be as
be disembarked
be one
be saved
be subjected
defend the
feature a
have a bungalow
have it licked
isolate the
lead to
mean for
never be
result in
see PCI
we dispense with
H+ R
change your
look at
not tell
T+ H
n't be much wrong
+ "have" auxiliary
could have been done
could have been higher
could have been said
could have seen
could never have supported


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 Could + ?

could is often called "the past of can, but Michael Lewis suggests that "remote" is a more accurate name, and that there are 3 areas of "remoteness":


Some examples of collocations with could ( BNC)